Saturday 6:30 PM | Sunday 9:15 AM & 11:15 AM | Wednesday 7 PM
Sat 6:30 PM | Sun 9:15 AM & 11:15 AM | Wed 7 PM


1. To provide a “place of prayer for all people” individually and collectively.

(Isa. 56:7; Mark 11:17) Prayer is the most powerful resource God has made available to man; it is the vehicle by which God accomplishes His purpose on earth. (Jer. 29:12,33:3; Acts 10:4; Rev. 8:4; Rom. 8:26-28) Man is saved by prayer (Rom. 10:13), has his needs met through prayer (Mat. 6:8-10), has the desires of his heart met through prayer (Ps. 37:4), and accomplishes great things via prayer (Jer. 33:3); for the content of all true prayer originates in the heart of God, is revealed in His Word and is activated in the heart of the person who truly seeks to know the mind of God. (Gen. 15:2,4 & Gen. 13:15, Ex. 32:10, 11 & 13; Acts 10:31; Isa. 42:6 & Luke 2:30-32)

2. To win the lost. (Luke 19:10; Isa. 53:6) NOTE: Because this does not appear first does not mean “seeking the lost” and the “Great Commission” will not be our top priority, it shall be. It is rather saying, that to be an effective soul winning church with lasting results, that collectively and individually this ministry must be, as was the ministry of the LORD, bathed in prayer. It is then and only then that the ministry moves in the power of the Spirit rather than the might of men. (Zech. 4:6)

3. To meet the needs of people in all areas of living, from the spiritual to the physical, from worship to entertainment as the Lord so provides. (Deut. 8.3; Matt. 4:4; Mark 6:42; Isa. 53:5b; Mark 6:56)