Welcome to the Campus Life volunteer ministry at GCCC!

Below we have listed some ideas how you can Share Christ, Connect people and Serve others during COVID-19.


Check on people (disabled, elderly, etc) in your neighborhood.

  • Write a letter of encouragement and put it on your neighbor’s door, knock and walk away.  In the letter give them a way to reach out to you if they need anything or just want to talk.

Write letters to senior citizen centers (kids can help with this).

  • Send letters of encouragement to senior centers who have closed their doors to visitors. Call a center near you and ask for a name of someone who could use a penpal.

Spring clean a neighbor’s front lawn.

  • You know that person in your neighborhood who has trouble keeping up with the yard. Grab a rake, bucket and gloves and enjoy an afternoon with your family out in the fresh air.

Host a virtual story time.

  • If you have a gift of reading with enthusiasm and emotion, host a story time on your Facebook page.

Sew masks for others.

  • If you are good at sewing and have extra material around the house, you can sew masks.  There are many tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest on how to make masks. They can be dropped off at medical facilities or community centers.

Organize a drive-by birthday party.

  • If you know someone who has a birthday coming up soon, call family and friends and organize a drive-by birthday party.  Draw posters, wear birthday hats, sound the birthday horns.  Keep in mind to make sure the birthday person is home, remind everyone to stay in their vehicles and make sure the weather is nice so the birthday person can enjoy it.

Make a music video and share online.

  • You’ve seen the homemade music videos going viral.  Try it out! There are many free apps that make creating a music video so easy (some charge a small fee for use of a song). Tag GCCC on your post!

Host a Zoom meeting with your church friends.

  • Zoom.com is a conferencing tool that is free and super easy to use. Host a book club, have coffee with friends in the morning, play a game, etc.. The ideas and things you can do are endless. You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer.


We’d love to hear what you are doing during this time.

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