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Please note that for Chain Breakers/Step Study we will not be meeting in person until further notice due to Coronavirus restrictions. Please join the Facebook sessions on Saturdays @10am on Chainbreaker’s Facebook page.

Chainbreakers  is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone 18 and over who is struggling with any hurt, pain, issue or addiction.  Chainbreakers is a safe, caring and non-judgmental place where we find a community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.  

It’s a Biblically-balanced approach to helping people overcome their many broken places.  Through praise & worship, lessons, testimonies and small group sharing, we learn how heal from our past, while living in the present and not fearing the future.  The ministry teaches us to place our lives completely in the hands of Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.  He loves us and wants the best for us in every situation.

Chainbreakers is free and open to anyone who wants to make “real change” in their lives. Chainbreakers is a confidential, anonymous and safe environment where we come together to share our experience, strength and hope with each other.

Our desire is for you to heal from the blows that life has given to you, so that you can “step into” the life that God created for you to live.

Chainbreakers meets every Friday evening at 7:30pm in the John M. Sofia Center at the Gloucester County Community Church. (Celebration Place, our children’s ministry, opens at 7:10pm and closes at 9:40pm).

Each Friday night begins with Praise & Worship, reading the Steps/Principles and then a Lesson, Testimony, Guest Speaker or Planned Event. Following the large group meeting, we dismiss to our gender-specific, issue-specific small Open Share Groups, where each person is free to share what is on their heart without interruption. When small groups finish their sharing, we end the night with our Crosstalk Café. This is a time of refreshment and fellowship, where we urge people to form new relationships and make connections, as they gain a support team to help them get through the week.

Things to note:

  • Our meet together may also include anniversary celebrations.
  • Each small group has a facilitator whose responsibility is to make sure that Chainbreakers guidelines are adhered to. These guidelines make the meetings safe and productive for everyone who attends.
  • It’s important to have some phone numbers from your small Open Share Group before you leave. That way you can connect for extra support during the week.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to attend.

Friday Night Small Open Share Recovery Groups (These groups meet after the Main Meeting)

  • Chainbreakers 101 – Newcomers – (JMSC) Required meeting for those attending Chainbreakers for the first time. We explain Chainbreakers and then take you to your small Open Share Group.
  • MEN’S Chemical/Behavioral Addiction – (Room 7) All addictions & compulsive behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating, internet, smoking, gaming, etc…
  • WOMEN’S Addictions & Abuse – (Room 162) All addictions & compulsive behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, food, etc… Also abuse, sexual, issues, etc…
  • WOMEN’S Co-Dependency – (Room 110) Co-dependent women and family & friends of those with addictive & compulsive behaviors.
  • MEN’S Sexual Issues – (Room 4) Men struggling with a sexual addiction, sexual abuse, pornography, etc.
  • MEN’S Co-Dependency / Hurts, Habits and Hang-Ups – (Room 113) Men struggling with any life issues including co-dependency and family/friends of people with addictive behaviors.
  • WOMEN’S Hurts, Habits and Hang-Ups – (Chapel) Women struggling with any life issues.


Chainbreakers Step Studies are where the “real work”  happens!  Every week (day & time determined by the group leaders) men and women work through the 25 lessons of Chainbreakers program, reading the lessons and answering life-changing questions from our Step Study Participants Guides. The curriculum in these four workbooks allows God to reveal the broken places in our lives. Then, using the 8 Principles, 12 Steps and other recovery tools (Bible, Journal, etc…), God slowly breaks the chains of bondage and transforms our lives into the people God has always meant for us to be – a life of promise and potential!

We firmly believe that Chainbreakers Step Studies are the key to complete success in the recovery process. The program encompasses an understanding of our God who loves us, committing our lives and wills to His care, understanding forgiveness, making amends, getting victory over our defects of character and then bringing that Good News to others.

Completing a Chainbreakers Step Studies takes approximately 9 months to a year, but it will be the best year of your live, as you gain freedom and healing from addictions, self defeating behaviors and character defects.

Things to know about Chainbreakers Step Studies:

  • Chainbreakers Step Studies are by registration only! You must sign-up up at the Welcome Table at the entrance of the John M. Sofia Center at our Friday night meetings. A Group Leader will then contact you with information about the next group start up date and time.
  • Continued, regular attendance on Fridays is encouraged to work in tandem with a Step Study.
  • We announce when new Step Studies are beginning at our Friday night large group meetings. When a new one begins depends on the availability of a Leader & Co-Leader.
  • The decision to join a Step Study should not be taken lightly. The program goes through 25 lessons and can take anywhere between 9 months and a year.
  •  The life-changing and eternal benefits of taking a Chainbreakers Step Studies make it one of the most valuable things that you will ever do in your life. No one has completed a Step Study and said that they’ve wasted their time. Most testify, with excitement, about the amazing transformation that God has done in their lives in such a short a period of time!
  • Please note – we are unable to offer childcare during the Step Studies.
Celebration Place is for children up to age 12 and meets from 7:10pm – 9:40pm Friday nights. It’s an addition to Chainbreakers program that teaches our children that, no matter what happens in their lives, God still loves them.
Children attending are taught the same lessons that are found in the adult meeting, but at a basic level, so they can understand the Biblical concepts presented. They learn and understand the principles that God has given us to live the life He created for us. 
Through praise & worship, arts & crafts, story times and sharing with each other, the children find that they have a safe place to share, as they learn to trust God in any and all circumstances. Since their lessons coincide with the adult large group lessons, it allows the entire family to discuss and work through their recoveries together! Doors open at 7:10PM and close at 9:40pm.


For more information about Chainbreakers please contact Angelina Moore (856) 582-0222 (x213)


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