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During this pandemic we, as a church family, have a wonderful opportunity to support each other. Of course, the best and easiest ways to help others during the coronavirus pandemic is to wash your hands, social distance if you must go out, self-quarantine if you are sick or think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

For most of us, self-isolating is new, but all this distance from one another doesn’t make us helpless in this collective fight. There are still things we can do for one another. Whether you have time, money, a car or even a phone, there are big and small ways you can help others. Choose an option below that best fits you:

Maybe you can’t get out to pick up your prescriptions or groceries, your finances have been cut and are in need of food, or would like someone to talk to once in a while. If you have unmet needs due to the pandemic and would like help, please click the “I WOULD APPRECIATE ASSISTANCE” button below.

Are you a legal driver with a vehicle and would pick up prescriptions, groceries, or church approved items and drop them off at someone’s front door? (No exchange of money required.) If so, and would like to help, please click the “I WOULD LIKE TO OFFER MY HELP” button below.

There are many ways one can help; financially, food donations, sew cloth masks, etc. If this is where you can help, please click the “I WILL PROVIDE RESOURCES” button below.


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