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Guaranteed Christian Growth is a 11-week course that teaches the fundamentals and foundations of both the Christian faith with Gloucester County Community Church’s theological positions interwoven into the lessons. Led by Pastor Bruce Sofia and cohosted by Dorothy Fargnoli, it’s a fun and exciting way to learn together in this journey called life. Next Course Starts on: Wednesday September 30, 2020 @7pm in the JMSC.

Please note: You can start at any time during the course.


Dates Topics Leader
Wednesday, Sept. 30th

Week 1: Assurance of Salvation

  • Am I truly saved?
  • Once saved always saved?
  • Do I have to get saved again?

Pastor Bruce


Wednesday, Oct. 7th

Week 2: Bible Study

  • What is the Bible?
  • Where did It come from?
  • How do I begin to read it?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Oct. 14th

Week 3: Prayer (Pt. 1)

  • What is prayer?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Oct. 21st

Week 4: Prayer (Pt. 2) 

  • How do I talk to God through prayer?
  • When should I pray?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Oct. 28th Prayer & Praise for 2020 Election (no class) (Event in Sanctuary)
Wednesday, Nov. 4th

Week 5: Baptism

  • Is it optional?
  • Is infant Baptism Biblical?
  • What method is acceptable?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Nov. 11th

Week 6: Church Attendance 

  • Why do I have to come to church?
  • Can I worship alone instead?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Nov. 18th

Week 7: Tithing

  • Is it still relevant?
  • Does God really need my money?
  • Can I afford to?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Nov. 25th

Week 8: Telling Others

  • Aren’t religion and politics supposed to be private?
  • How do I even begin to tell people?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd

Week 9: Church Membership

  • What is a member?
  • Do I qualify?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Dec. 9th

Week 10: Service

  • What does it really mean to serve?
  • What ways can I serve?
Pastor Bruce
Wednesday, Dec. 16th

Week 11: Run to Win

  • Do you feel like giving up?
  • Keep going!
Pastor Bruce

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