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Current Schedule

If you cannot serve at your scheduled time, please find a replacement.

If a replacement can’t be found, call/text Margaret Sorbello at 609.922.8841 ASAP.


  • Please arrive 25 minutes before the start of the service.
  • Wear your “Power Team” lanyard with name tag.
  • Power Team group prayer occurs 20 minutes before the start of the service in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Bring your smile and wear it always.
  • Say hi to everyone.
  • Welcome those who are new – it’s OK to say “I haven’t seen you before, are you new to GCCC?”
    • If new, encourage them to fill out the Welcome Card and receive a free gift.
    • Introduce them to someone else.
    • If they have children, tell them we have childcare and direct them to the Kids Check-in Desk where a Childcare Worker can help them register their children.
  • Stay at your station until 30 minutes past the hour (9:30 or 11:30).
  • The greeter table should have ONLY the items being distributed before the service (If anyone asks for the Word For You Today, a calendar, sermon notes, etc., direct them to the Welcome Desk).
  • Anyone with coffee should be instructed that beverages outside of water are not permitted in the sanctuary.  They are welcome to finish it or place it in the Connection Center until after the service.

Balcony Greeter:

  • Stand at the greeter table at the top of the stairs outside the balcony doors.
  • Distribute a Connection Card to everyone if possible.
  • Shut doors at start of service.

Lobby Greeter:

  • Stand at the greeter table outside the sanctuary doors.
  • Say hi, welcome and/or small talk while handing out connection card.
  • After doors close, one greeter stays at the table and the other greeter stands at the door closest to the bookstore. If possible, this should be the only door that opens during the service.

Door Greeter:

  • Open door for everyone.
  • If raining, distribute supplied umbrella bags to those with umbrellas. Ask them to stay on the rug while bagging their wet umbrella. (Our floors get super slippery when wet).
  • You are the first face they see – put on a big smiles and happy countenance. Portray you are happy to be in house of God.