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The Gloucester County Community Church began in July of 1982 when the Rev. J. Bruce Sofia and a small group of believers felt called to begin an interdenominational, Bible-based, evangelistic fellowship.

In July of 1993, ground was broken on Chapel Heights Road, Washington Township, to begin the construction of a church building.  On Thanksgiving Day 1996 the GCCC family entered the “Promised Land” debt-free.  Today the church and property are worth many times over what was initially invested.  TGBTG!

The vision of GCCC can be spelled out in three letters, S C S: Sharing Christ, Connecting People and Serving Others.  This mission embodies the two Great Commandments—love God and love your neighbor.

Today GCCC has grown into a diverse congregation of 70 nationalities but one family. Over the years, GCCC has spawned more than 20 churches and has placed missionaries, and helped build churches, around the world.  Throughout the week a variety of activities, ministries and support groups are offered for all ages.

Future plans include additional campus churches, remodeling the sanctuary to welcome the up-coming generation, expansion of GCCC’s Radio and TV ministries, a closer relationship with like-minded churches, and a greater involvement in our local community.