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Sermon Videos

GCCC – “Thermometer of Thermostat”

8/7/2022: This weekend, The Rising, our 18-26 young adult ministry conducts much of the service. Michael Beckford, its leader, launches the August sermon series, “What Does a Christian Look Like?” with a sermon entitled, “Thermostat or Thermometer?”

GCCC – “A United Kingdom”

7/17/2022: This weekend we continue our July sermon series God & Country as we look at the power of “A United Kingdom.” In this sermon, we explore GCCC’s future as young and old join hands to advance the Kingdom and change our world.

GCCC – “Speak Life”

7/23/2022: This week’s sermon continues the sermon series, God & Country, looking at “A Scattered Kingdom—Speak Life.” Despite the world in which we live, we can breathe life into our world through our speech and actions. The Bible is clear; our words scatter or unite families, countries, and churches, build up people or tear them down. As believers, let’s speak life and make a difference.