Sermon Videos

GCCC – “momma Used to Say”

5/1/22: Today we launch a new monthly sermon series, Women Who Made a Difference. As we grow older, we either forget or cherish the things that “Mama Used to Say.” In this sermon, we explore why faith in God and the words of a mother have a long-lasting effect on the lives of their children.

GCCC – “What Will the World Look Like After Jesus Returns”

4/17/2022: There are two dimensions to life AFTER Jesus returns. First, there is the 1000-year reign with Christ, when saints rule and reign with the King of Kings. It’s much like it was supposed to be in the Garden before man sinned. Wolf and lamb will lie down together, and a child will play with a viper. Then Satan is loosed, and there is a HUGE battle—of course, Jesus wins and ushers in Eternity. How will all this look?

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