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The Rising

Mission Statement

We believe in creating a fulfilling experience where young adults, ages 18-25, can experience

Through events, discipleship, and building strong relationships, we will further God’s


  1. Events: Bring young adults together to praise our God and begin serving where their
    God-given talents lead them
  2. Discipleship: Joining Bible studies, Q&A Events, and working in small groups with others
    to strengthen their followership with Christ
  3. Strong Relationships: Allow people to meet other people!


  1. Rising Tide – Weekly Bible Studies held on Zoom teaching our young adults how to study
    the Word of God and build strong relationships.
  2. Social Media Frenzy – Using social media, recording video/audio, and word-of-mouth,
    we are building the Rising. This marketing plan also involves recording our singers and
    allowing them to create music to draw new prospects into our doors
  3. Worship – Building a high-level worship team will solidify our place in the community
    around us in South Jersey.
  4. Evangelism (Rising UP) – We will connect with other churches without young adult
    groups and have our young adults join us. This also involves going to Rowan University
    and sharing the Gospel in groups that are in and outside of churches on campus

1. Leadership Team and Service

  1. Michael Beckford – Director
  2. Morgan Blake – Assistant Director
  3. Ashley Carerro & Chad Ogren – Worship Leaders/Experience Coordinators
  4. John Kulikowski – Pastoral Advisor

2. Rising Tide Runners

  1. Samantha Rivera
  2. Ryan Lee
  3. Michael Beckford
  4. Morgan Blake

3. Serving

  1. Tiara Jones – Technical Logistics Leader (camera, lights, projection, etc)
  2. Enrico Versace & Morgan Blake – Marketing Team