Current Schedule

If you cannot serve at your scheduled time, please find a replacement. If a replacement can’t be found, call/text Mare Wood at 856.986.5309 ASAP.


  • Please arrive 25 minutes before the start of the service.
  • Wear your “Power Team” lanyard with name tag.
  • Power Team group prayer occurs 20 minutes before the start of the service in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Bring your smile and wear it.
  • Say hi to everyone.
  • Welcome those who are new – it’s OK to say “I haven’t seen you before, are you new to GCCC?”
  • if new, encourage them to fill out the Welcome Card and receive a free gift.
  • Introduce them to someone else and make sure someone sits with/near them.
  • Anyone with coffee should be instructed that beverages outside of water are not permitted in the sanctuary.  They are welcome to finish it or place it in the Connection Center until after the service.

Balcony Usher:

  • Stand close to the main doors and walk each group to available seats.
  • Fill sections nearest stage first before moving to the next section.
  • Do not drop ropes unless OK’d by Assistant Usher.

Main Floor Usher:

  • Refrain from having conversations under the “low ceiling” in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Communicate to lead usher where you have available seating.
  • Fill up the front of the sanctuary and work your way back.
  • Do not drop ropes unless OK’d by Lead Usher.